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Transport matters affect us all. Whether it is parking, bus routes, crossing the road or flight paths from Heathrow, our lives are all impacted by our need to get around. 

St John's Wood leads the world as the proud owner of not one but two famous zebra crossings! The Abbey Road crossing is a place of pilgrimage and requires the management of visitors. Our new state of the art 3D zebra crossing at the bottom of the commercial end of the High Street has been long in the planning and has finally appeared. We will wait to see whether it is of equal importance for photo opportunities!

​We remain full engaged with the issues surrounding CS11 (see link below for latest update). Indeed Exco member Clive Beecham appeared on the BBC News to comment on the impact of the route on local residents.

Another recent issue that has come to our attention is the Heathrow Airport consultation for the reconfiguration of its flight paths. This will potentially have noise and air pollution issues for St John's Wood. We have attended consultation drop-in events and are in communication with our amenity societies who are equally alarmed. The link below gives the latest situation.

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