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Roof profiles are fundamental to the architectural character of any building or group of buildings and as such contribute to the character and appearance of the Conservation Area. The Society seeks to protect historic roofscapes within the Conservation Area.

We object to oversized or inappropriately detailed dormers which are visible from the street and are not sympathetic to the existing building's architectural character and proportions, or to the Conservation Area. We also object to solar panels and rooflights which are visible from the street (including those called ‘Conservation rooflights’).

Roof clutter such as guard rails, antennae and satellite dishes can harm the character of the area affecting both short and long distance views. Westminster provides clear guidance on how these should be sited.

Bad and good dormers

The right hand dormers are oversized. They are not traditional in proportion and dominate the building. The left hand dormers are still a good size but sit more comfortably in the roof.

Oversized dormer
Whilst we appreciate that a dormer window can turn a roof into usable floorsapce, it is important not to dominate the house below

Traditional roofline
The dormer windows do not dominate the roofscape and maintain the rhythm of the building below

These are not traditional and should only be used where they are not visible from the street.

Traditional roofline
The traditional roofline of this terrace would be destroyed if one building had a dormer constructed

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