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Westminster City Council has a Planning Enforcement team to which all suspected breaches can be reported, using the link below. Please also let the Society know on as we do rely on our members to point out any potential breaches of planning.

If you are concerned that alterations have been made to buildings without appropriate planning consent, this can be checked by entering the address on the WCC planning website. This will show planning applications submitted for that address, whether they have been permitted or refused, and the associated drawings. Some works or changes of use do not require permission/consent and are considered to be permitted development - see the link below for further information.

WCC investigates all reported breaches of planning control, and where negotiation and the issue of warning letters does not result in resolution of the breach, consideration will be given to the expediency of pursuing formal action which may include the issue of an Enforcement Notice, Breach of Condition Notice and in exceptional circumstances, service of a Stop Notice. When pursuing enforcement action, the Council gives priority to preventing the loss of permanent residential accommodation (by change to another use), prevention of harm to residential amenity and preservation or enhancement of our heritage assets and our conservation areas. Many breaches of planning control are minor and formal action cannot always be justified. In other cases the change may be acceptable in planning terms and the contravener will be advised to make a retrospective application for permission with modifications if appropriate. These applications would be the subject of the Council's normal consultation procedures.

Large developments and all basement developments require the developer to enter into a Code of Construction Practice (CoCP) with WCC, governing such matters as general site operations, traffic and transport, noise and vibration, dust and air pollution, etc. If you experience noise, pollution, traffic or other CoCP type issues from a development, then you can call WCC Environmental Services team on the number given below.

We work closely with the Council’s Planning Enforcement team so please keep us informed and do not delay in reporting any planning breaches of which you may be aware.


More information on permitted development rights 

WCC Planning Enforcement

WCC Environmental Services 020 7641 2000

Contact the Society if you believe there is a planning breach

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