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The St John’s Wood High Street Festival that took place on Sunday 9th June was a total triumph! Whilst the day was originated and organised by the St. John’s Wood Society under the leadership of Linda Taggart, Christine Cowdray & Virginia Newman, it was a true community event with a lot of people who contributed to its success.

      The following were key sponsors without whom the event would not have taken place:

      • Westminster City Council, in particular Councillors from Regent’s Park Ward and Abbey Road Ward
      • Trophaeum Asset Management 

      • Other sponsors/ advisors were:

      • MCC/ Lord’s­
      • England’s Grace 
      • St John’s Hospice
      • Gail’s
      • Panzers

      We thank The Lord Mayor of Westminster & Lady Mayoress whose attendance brought dignity and glamour to the event as well as many other people who made it an extraordinary day for St John’s Wood. (Please click the link under the photos for more information.)

      The day consisted of Music …..

      The amazing live music was provided by Seb Collective with their carefully curated selection of brilliant up-and-coming talent, along with a wonderful opening jazz set thanks to Regent’s Park Music Festival.


      … Fashion….

      … Activities….

      • We are immensely grateful to MCC/Lord’s who are so generous with their time and advice. They provided the children’s activities as well as using their skill and expertise to ensure that the event was safe and secure. 

        Peppa Pig was a great hit, as were the fire engine, police car and the many fun activities in shops and on the road.

        … Pets…

        The delightfully entertaining Pooch Parade was curated and delivered by

      • St John’s Pet Shop
      • Creature Comforts

      With a certain amount of help from the selected participants.

      … and our wonderful community.

      massive thank you goes to the Volunteers who set up, brought down and marshalled the entire event. They were generously fed and watered by Gail’s and Panzers, and the event would not have happened without them.

      We also appreciate the cooperation of Westminster City Council and Veolia in ensuring the street was looking its best for the event. 

      And finally our wonderful local police.

      Thank you one and all for making this a truly memorable community event to celebrate our wonderful High Street.

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