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Live Music

Sunday June 9th, 2024

We are so excited and so lucky to have incredible live performers join us at the St John's Wood High Street Festival.

Music curated by SEB Collective

Here's a little sneak peak!





A very versatile and charismatic performer, doing a mix of originals & popular Rocky/blues  covers  


Aleks will be performing as a duo with the electrifying Thanos on guitar  


  She Lives Alone


A MoBo award winning artist and a talented song writer, with a super Smokey soulful voice..  



London’s On Fire


Daisy is a classically trained singer songwriter, with Scottish and American heritage  


Mentored by the likes of Ray Davies (The Kinks), her acclaimed song ‘London’s On Fire’ won her the UK wide ‘Coffee Music Project competition’ 


Daisy’s undeniable talent and charisma on stage, has given rise to her performing around the UK, New York, Los Angeles, Nashville, Korea and many more areas in the world.   


We are honoured to have her in this festival.  

 MATT KENT (Ft. LIV LESTER on keys) 




Matt a very talented singer songwriter and musician from Long Island USA, is a rising star in the making.  


Well known for taking classical pieces and creating a pop fusion with modern lyrics and sound. 


His very popular track ‘Lacrimosa’ has amassed over 12 million streams on Spotify.  


Matt’s Live performances are very memorable and should not be missed on the main stage Saturday 20th 





Bad Girl


A super talented solo artist, who sings and performs with cello 


Blending the use of a classical instrument to embellish with a twist, modern/contemporary/pop songs  

We can't wait to see you there!

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